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Suction Brush

The Suction toothbrush is a special type of toothbrush that is often used in medical patients who are unable to maintain proper oral hygiene. The suction toothbrush can be purchased with a head made of hair or a swab. The head then uses a slang to vacuum to provide the power to suck up debris and particles released during the toothbrush. Studies have shown that regular use has health benefits.

Endotracheal Tube Holder

What is Abadis Endotracheal Tube Holder?

The Endotracheal Tube Holder  is used to hold the Endotracheal Tube in a proper position in the patient’s mouth.


1- Safe operation

2- Easy to use

3- It has an adjustable strap

4- Promoting the control of nosocomial infections

5- Preventing wounds on the patient’s lips and mouth

6- Elimination of costs related to gas and disinfectants

7- It brings comfort to patients

Product specifications and chip tubes that can be used.