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About us

Makhazen Tebi Abadis coming with a scientific view in the medical equipment industry to take an effective step in controlling nosocomial infections.

purpose of Makhazen Tebi Abadis is to provide solutions and products in this field with a focus on smart management of hospital waste and prevent the spread of possible postoperative infections for patients.

Abadis prospect is the control and annihilate of infections related to the collection of waste during and after surgery, as well as research and development to produce products related to the spread of infection in hospitals.

Makhazen Tebi Abadis in Iran, as the largest producer of disposable suction liner bags, has equipped more than 300 medical centers in 21 states of the country, and now by creating a smart software and hardware infrastructure and using efficient human resources in the industrial complex And its distribution and sales network is ready to export to the Middle East, the Caucasus, North Africa and Central America.

we respect, to you

Disposable suction liner bags have been used in the world since 1990 in developed countries; But in Iran, in 2010 by Abzar Darman Persia Company, the basis for creating a culture of using suction liner bags by the managers and founders of the company began, which with continuous efforts was able to start the use of this product and the emergence of other companies in this field.

Finally, after years of planning, dynamics and changes in the management system, in 2017, we established the Makhazen Tebi Abadis Company to start the production of Abadis disposable suction liner bags and to achieve our goals in the field of hospital infection control and medical equipment. 

we understood  come to make an impact, effectiveness in controlling nosocomial infections, to fluid management, to honor all hospital staff, to doctors, nurses, to medical equipment specialists, to infection control specialists to logistics and all right Inside the staff of medical centers .

We are coming with a scientific view and providing appropriate solutions in the field of fluid management to be effective in the field of nosocomial infection control and in this regard, we have the following goals:

1) Fluid management

2) Nosocomial infections management

3) Creating the right culture for the maximum use of our solutions and products in hospitals

Why Abadis?

Warranty and guarantee of products

Provide high quality products

Communication of sales and technical team with medical centers and hospital

Free shipping

 Delivery products in the shortest time

Scientific view on the topic of infection control and the environment

Customer service

Use of new technologies in the field of management and organizational structure

The highest production capacity of disposable suction liner bags in the Middle East

Easy to use and install of Abadis products

Tracking products from production to order and delivery of products

Sales support from the moment of communication and order registration

Notification of events and campaigns at the right time



Our Team

Abolfazl Hassanali Chairman of the Board
Alireza Hassanali CEO
Navid Hassanali CCO
Aliakbar Peymanpour CFO
Milad Pourhassan Factory manager
Nazanin Hassanali Board member
Pouriya Ramezani sales accountant
Niloufar Sharafi R&D export
Mahroo Tahami Sales support
Mahboubeh Rayati supervisor of region 2
Niyousha Khalili supervisor of region1
Mozhdeh Mahindoust Chiref accountant
Installation employee
Alireza Sharifzadeh Installation supervisor
Ali Mohammadi collector2
Mohammad Ghaem Panah Driver
Mehrdad Salehi Consignor

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Meet former colleagues

Saba Anvar

Shiva Nejatian

Shokraneh Rahimian

Amir Hosein Tabatabei

Shima Nikoseresht