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Antibacterial filter

The antibacterial filter is placed between the route of the suction slang to the reservoir and prevents the exit of microorganisms, germs and bacteria to the source of suction with suction air, so that the environment is not contaminated with dangerous microorganisms inside the suction fluid. This filter also has the ability to filter microorganisms up to 0.03 microns. This feature prevents the spread of dangerous infections in the CCU or ICU or operating room and greatly reduces the patient’s risk of nosocomial infections.


  • Antibacterial suction filter can be used on all types of portable and hospital suction.
  •  To prevent the transmission of infection, the filter should be replaced after the patient is discharged.
  • In the case of home suctions, they should be replaced immediately if the color changes.
  • The ability to easily view and replace the filter is one of the benefits of the filter.


Product name Product code
Antibacterial Filter ABD-04-05-01

Flow stopper filter

Disposable suction liner bags have a filter to prevent the overflow of suction liquids. These filters are an important mechanism to prevent the release of contaminated liquids, which are made of hydrophobic or hydrophobic materials that interrupt the suction operation when the liquids reach the filter surface. And prevents damage to the suction device.

Also, this flow stopper filter prevents the release of gases in the electrosurgery and smoke that is created during the use of the electrocautery device to the suction device

Product name Product code
Flow stopper Filter ABD-04-05-02