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Suction Canisters

installed on fixed base, walls, consoles,  portable suction devices

1liter, 2liter, 3liter

Transparent polycarbonate


unbreakable, autoclave, scaled and light

product code product name
ABD-04-02-001 Abadis 1liter suction canister
ABD-04-02-002 Abadis 2liter suction canister
ABD-04-02-003 Abadis 3liter suction canister
ABD-04-02-102 Abadis 2 liter canister with accessories
ABD-04-02-103 Abadis 3 liter canister with accessories
ABD-04-02-012 2liter direct suction canister
ABD-04-02-013 3liter direct suction canister

Wall Suction


•The main components of the product are metal and brass

•Has a display with BAR and mmHg parameters

•Has a REG / OFF push button while using the product to quickly turn on or off the vacuum

•Impact resistant

•Has a volume to adjust the desired amount of vacuum and reach the maximum possible vacuum with only 1.5 revolutions

•Supports all of the available connectors to connect wall suction to outlet

•Has a negative duration of 0 to 1 times

•Has nickel-chrome glaze to increase the life of the product against liquids and air

•Easy to use

•Has a five-year warranty


•Disposable canister with sizes of 1 liter, 2 liters and 3 liters

•canister holder base

• Flow stopper filter

• silicone slang