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The Abadis Trolley is used as a holder to hold the suction canister, and is connected to the hospital’s central vacuum system.


  •  Holder for maximum 4 canister (12-liter)  simultaneously.
  • Abadis Trolley has the ability to install the regulator and the ON / OFF valve.
  • Abadis Trolley is very light and comfortable to move.


Product Name Product Code
Trolley 040301
New Trolley 040302

Wall bracket

Wall bracket is used to hold the suction canister on the wall and console and is in two types of plastic and metal. Also, Abadis wall bracket can be washed up to 95 degrees.

Product Name Product Code
Wall bracket(aluminum) 040303
Wall bracket(plastic) 040305

Rail bracket

Rail bracket holds the suction canister on portable and electric devices and is in 2 types of plastic and metal that can be washed up to 95 ° C.

Product Name Product Code
Rail bracket(aluminum) 040304
Rail bracket(plastic) 040306